Dashboard Repair

It’s easy to forget about repairing you car’s interior, but your dashboard sometimes needs a little TLC too. Keep it in tip-top condition by paying us a visit.


General Scratches

Drill Hole repair

Sun Damage

Pet Damage Repair

Keeping your dashboard looking it's best

While drivers often make sure to take good care of the outside of their cars – taking care of any dents or scrapes straight away – this isn’t always the case when it comes to looking after car interiors. Damaged plastics and trims can be left unrepaired for months or longer, even though we see them every day when we get into our cars, and our passengers see them too.

Car dashboards can suffer from a lot of wear and tear over the years, with damage such as scuffs, scratches, sun damage and general wear causing them to look a little past their best. If a mobile phone handset cradle has been fitted to a dash panel, it can leave holes in your dashboard after it has been removed. Scratches can be caused by objects scraping against the dashboard while in transit, or even by excited pets! Other more serious damage such as cracks can be caused if the car is involved in a collision.

It’s best to get your dashboard fixed straight away as any significant damage can look unsightly and put off potential buyers when it comes to selling your car.


Mixed In house

Colour matched

Heat Controlled environment

Industry Standard

Some paintwork damage is too deep for paintless dent repair, or our paintwork repair service. When this situation arises you may need to replace the entire panel. Not to worry however, our sister company Paul Cox Panel & Paint can replace and re-spray panels in our dedicated indoor, heated repair centre.  We have years of experience in restoration and refurbishment. Get in touch if you think you’ve got a bigger job for us.

At Auto Refurb...

…we can replicate any surface and match the colour of your interior to create an almost invisible repair. Whether your dashboard has been scratched, worn, burnt, cracked or drilled, bring your car in to us and find out how we can restore it to near-perfection.

What our customers are saying

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our valued customers are saying about us.

Thank you for the superb job carried out on refurbishing my boss, Chris' Mercedes SLK. The work has been carried out to a very high standard and at a very reasonable price indeed. We will be recommending your offering to our friends and anybody else requiring your services.
Michelle Graham
Took my new (3 week old) car in to have lots of scratches down the sides removed (long story). Jordan did a fantastic job and the car looks like new again. It even came in under estimate. Well Happy. Would definitely recommend them.
David Belton
Great customer care and quality service, reasonable price.. Bodywork done on my XF last week. Great job.. Thanks Jordan..
Ajil Unnikrishnan

Repair Prices

Our repairs are carried out to factory quality standards and start from £80, which is why we are the number one choice for numerous car retailers. Get in touch today.