Windscreen Repairs

From £40

Stone chippings are unfortunately unavoidable for drivers, and although a chip in your windscreen might seem like a small problem, if left unrepaired it could turn into a much bigger issue. It’s important to repair chips before they become worse and turn into cracks, requiring the more expensive and bigger job of a windscreen replacement.

Having a windscreen replaced is an expense that can be avoided by taking action early. At Auto Refurb we can repair most windscreen chips, so you can be on your way with the peace of mind that the problem has been nipped in the bud.

To book an appointment for a windscreen repair, call us or contact us online.

Is it safe to drive with a damaged windscreen?

It is legal to drive with a cracked windscreen – often, depending on where the crack is on the windscreen, a very large crack may not be an MOT failure.

Still, the larger the crack, the more likely your car will be in need of an entire windscreen replacement – a much more costly process than our smart chip and scratch repair system. Windscreen chips can become windscreens cracks if the car experiences further road debris in a similar area, or heavy bumps.

We always suggest to get your windscreen chip checked out as soon as possible – because while you're likely to be safe and legal, you don't want to turn a small problem into a big one!