Interior Trim Repair

From £80

It’s important that the inside of your car looks as good as the outside – after all, that’s where you spend a lot of your time. 

Interior Trim Repair

Whether your leather, suede or cloth seats have suffered damage, or your interior trim or dashboard needs sprucing up, Auto Refurb can make the inside of your vehicle look nearly good as new.

Interior Leather Repairs

If your leather interiors are worn, torn or cracked, we can repair small damaged areas. Our method of recolouring and reconditioning upholstery will make your seats look new again.

Interior Cloth Repairs

Wear and tear can leave your cloth seats looking less than perfect. We can fix small tears, cigarette burns and other minor damage to carpets, headlining and cloth interior trim. Our skilled technicians can recreate the texture, pattern and colour for almost invisible repairs.

Dashboard Repairs

You spend a lot of time looking at your dashboard, so it should look its best, too. We can replicate almost any surface to create an almost invisible repair. Say goodbye to your scratched, worn, burnt or drilled dashboard!

Give us a call or contact us to let us know how we can help restore your car interior.

How Long Do Interior Trim Repairs Last?

Interior trim repairs can last for years, but not forever. Eventually all interior trim will need reupholstering or reapplying. Our interior trim repairs are perfect for a much loved vehicle you want to keep looking good, or to increase your car's value prior to sale.

Our best advice is to come to us as soon as you notice any minor cracks, tears or heavier wearing – we may be able to provide longer lasting repairs. We can provide less invasive trim repairs which can help your upholstery last longer.

What Can I Do To Make My Leather Interiors Last Longer?

Regular use of hide feed and leather treatment products can ensure a longer lasting leather interior. Leather is a natural material which needs nourishment to stay soft, supple and attractive.