Bodywork Repairs

From £65

Being involved in a bump can be upsetting in itself, without all the rigmarole and expense involved in getting your vehicle repaired after the event. If your car has suffered dents, scratches, cracks or scrapes, come to Auto Refurb for low cost, high quality repairs.

We can repair some dents without the need to paint the area, using our special tools for paintless dent removal to massage out any dings. Our experienced paintless dent repair technicians use a series of small hammers, hooks and rods to tease your car's bodywork back into shape. We make every effort to ensure the end result looks very nearly good as new.

If we do need to repaint any scratches and scrapes, we can do so accurately and to a high finish, without the need to replace any panels. We mix paint in-house for an accurate match to your original paintwork, so the damaged area looks as good as new. This paint matching is important because, as we know, your car doesn't stay the exact colour it was when it was sprayed in the factory – we match your car's colour exactly as it is today.

Bodywork Repairs

Our repairs are carried out in a heated, controlled environment so that they are finished to a high standard. We produce a "factory finish" level of quality – something that cannot be achieved with mobile repair work.

Don’t let an accident leave your car looking worse for wear. To find out how our highly skilled technicians can restore your vehicle to its former glory, use our online form to contact us, or give us a call.

Bodywork Repairs and Insurance

At Auto Refurb we're happy to provide you with a quote for your bodywork repair to supply to your insurance company. Often our prices are well within the ranges suggested by the insurance company, meaning you can be in control of how your car is repaired after your accident.

Bodywork Repairs and Leased Vehicles

Leasing a vehicle can mean you get to drive your dream machine without having to stump up the cold hard cash up front. But accidents do happen, regardless of how careful you are – and leasing companies will often apply heavy fees for repairing damage when it comes to the end of your lease term.

That's where we come in. For less than a leasing company may charge you at the end of your lease term we can help you put your beloved motor back into tip top shape. We're here to make saying goodbye to your leased car that little bit less painful by helping you fix the issues before the leasing company gets their hands on it.

If you have a leased car that need some work, please feel free to get in touch and we'll see what we can do.